Other Products


Mak-Rak has been in the shelving / racking business since the beginning of 1995 when Mark Klinkhamer and his brother, Arnold, came up with the idea of a shelving system which was practical, modular and simple to assemble ideally suited for DIY. In its simplest form, MAK RAK is basically a timber shelving system consisting of slatted SA Pine shelves bolted to uprights with a plain finish to create a variety of shelving units of different heights and shelf depths.

Later, two formats for the shelving were provided, STANDARD and SLIMLINE.The slats used in our slatted shelves are 70 mm wide but the slats used in the STANDARD shelves are thicker (22 mm) than those used in our SLIMLINE shelves, which are 16 mm thick. The STANDARD shelves can carry a load of about 300 kg on a single 900 mm long shelf, whereas the SLIMLINE shelves can carry about 100 kg on a single shelf.Some customers were not happy with the slatted shelves and preferred a continuous surface, so we offered our shelving in a variety of materials namely in 21mm block board, 18 mm pine ply and 16mm Supawood. But our slatted option remained the most popular.

Over the years many additions were made to the shelving system stimulated by requests from customers. The requests started off with the question, Can you varnish the shelving components? Our answer was Yes. The following question was. Can you provide other finishes to the shelving? Our answer was Yes, we can do that, what finishes would you like? This lead to the transparent white finish where you could still see the grain of the SA Pine timber underneath. This was followed by the colour wash finish and the wood stain finish, with, or without a varnish coating. The idea of the latter finish was to make the SA Pine material look like mahogany, oak, teak etc. This resulted in us providing a selection of 10 colours washes, including the colour white, and a selection of 18 different wood stains, with or without varnish.

Next came the question, Can you put doors on your shelving? Yes was our answer. What about sides and backing?Yes was our answer, what material would you like? We can do that in 4mm brown hardboard, or 6mm pine ply, which do you prefer? We then decided to offer a set of DRAWERS which could fit between the uprights and be connected to them by means of bolts, the same as those used to attach the shelves to the uprights. These components are available as 1-Drawer, 2-Drawer, 3-Drawer, etc. units available in 400mm, 500mm and 600mm depths. The drawers could be made any width less than 900mm, if required. Even split drawers, or twin drawers within the 900mm shelf width became available.

Next came the provision of CABINETS, with a top, bottom, sides, backs and doors hung from concealed hinges, complete with knobs and locks, if requested. They are made of 18mm PinePly or Supawood. As per the DRAWER units, they fit into the moduleof the standard vertical spacing and 900mm shelf length. They could also be made any width less than 900mm, if required.

The provision of CABINETS and DRAWERS lead to the manufacture of DESKS complete with drawers and shelves and WORKTOPS. This lead to designs for COUNTERS with different shapes, such as straight, U-shaped or L-shaped, etc. which lead to the provision of slatted cladding butted together to form fronts and sides to the counters and desks.

From a simple DIY shelving system the range of products expanded enormously. Unfortunately, the demand for the additional products has not been sufficient for us to continue their production. A recent study has shown that they represent only about 16% of our total sales value. They also require special skills which are hard to find in the present market.

It is for this reason that we have decided to discontinue the other products and concentrate on our core business which is to manufacture our 900mm long shelves in the STANDARD and SLIMLINE formats along with their supporting uprights all components with a PLAIN finish.