What is the standard length of shelves? 900mm
Does the shelving come in different depths? Yes
Can the shelving be cut to different lengths? Yes
Do you have ways of dealing with corners? Yes
Do you have standard heights of shelving? Yes
Are non-standard heights available? Yes
Can the shelf spacing be varied? Yes
Is it easy to add-on to the system? Yes
Is the shelving available in different finishes? Yes
Is a varnish finish available? Yes
Is a colour stain finish available? Yes
Can shelving be made of timber other than SA Pine? No
Can shelving carry heavy loads (up to 300 kg/shelf)? Yes
Can you provide backing and/or sides? Yes
Can you fit doors to the shelving? Yes
Can the shelving be used in cold storage rooms? Yes
Can you deliver the shelving? Yes
Can you deliver and assemble the shelving? Yes
Do you hire shelving? Yes
Do you have standard unit heights? Yes
Can cabinets and drawers have a different height other than the standard height? Yes