Assembly Instructions

Step 1:
Remove all bolts from shelves. (Taking care not to loose any!)

Step 2:
Place bottom shelves on the floor near to where your unit will stand when completed. (Fig 1)

Bring the legs into position (one at a time) and fasten the bottom shelves (make sure bolts are turned tight). Note: Place narrow legs at either end of unit. At this stage your bottom shelves are in place with the legs in an upright position.

Step 4:
Place the top shelves in position but do not fasten the bolts completely. Only make sure that they have taken to the thread of the cross dowel. (This gives the legs more play, so as to make the assembly of intermediate shelves easier)

Step 5:
Decide on where you want to place your intermediate shelves. Then place the remaining bolts into those corresponding holes.

Step 6:
Place the intermediate shelves into those positions indicated by the bolts. Stand back and make sure all are where you want them to be.

Step 7:
Fasten all bolts.

Step 8:
Fix metal cross braces (4 no. 8×20 posi screws to be used) Identify the bays to which you are going to fix a cross brace, to join the adjacent legs. (only every other bay needs a set of braces). Attach the upper ends of the brace to the centre of one of the 4-hole patterns on each of the adjacent legs in multiple bay units, roughly at eye level. Or to the centre of one of the 2-hole patterns in a single bay unit. Step back, make sure the shelving is vertical then screw the lower ends of the brace to the legs. (See figure 3)

PROBLEM ? : Bolt does not take to the threaded cross dowel

SOLUTION ? : Rotate the dowel with a screwdriver until the threaded hole in the dowel is in line with the bolt. Then try again. (Figure 2)